Our YNGBLKPGH Ambassadors prove that success is more than possible from our city. Whether they grew up in Pittsburgh and their career aspirations have taken them away from the city, have moved here for a career (or school) and created a new home in Pittsburgh or have grown up here and planted their roots right here in the city, we are ALL PITTSBURGH. 

Our strength is in our togetherness as an entire community, although we are in our 'busy years" of life and focused on creating a legacy for our families and a brand for ourselves, our YNGBLKPGH Ambassadors still recognize the importance of pulling the next generation forward with our stories to assure that we can build them as even we are building ourselves. 

They are diverse in career, diverse in personality and diverse in their stories, but two things brought them all together, their love for the city of Pittsburgh, and their love for the next generation of this city. 

Meet some of our ambassadors in the video above. 

“We can no longer be bound by our own worlds. Access is what can change our childrens worlds. Access leads to possibilities. Possibilities lead to ideas. Ideas lead to plans. Plans lead to actions. Actions change lives. â€ 
― Brian Burley