It's Time We Rewrite The Future...


Too many times the phrase “young Black Pittsburgh” has been met with scowls and ruffled brows.  It is time to revamp this narrative.  The time has come for Pittsburgh’s New Culture of Black Excellence to reveal its face, not for the news media or for the attention, but for future generations. It is time for us to rewrite our future, one letter at a time.

Jay Z said that we all have a genius level talent, our life's journey is finding our path. YNGBLKPGH articulates the stories of some of the best young talent the city has to offer.  This book spotlights the rights, the wrongs, the triumphs, and the failures that contributed to their current stage of activism.  Most profoundly, these stories are in their own words. 

Ambition is the first step to success. YNGBLKPGH offers a path that can be modified for any personality at any age.  The second step to success is action.  Role models are a fundamental necessity. YNGBLKPGH provides a variety of people from various backgrounds, in which the reader will find some type of commonality.  That common thread may plant the seed, spark an interest, or inspire someone to move forward.